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How to transport a car from Germany to your country?

Cars can be transported by ship or truck, it depends on where you live. The principal German harbors for international shipments are Bremerhaven and Hamburg.




Sea transport:
Cars can be transported in containers or on a Roll on/Roll off – vessel.

1. - Container shipment:
A 20 ft Container (approx. 6 Meter long) can hold one normal passenger car . A 40 ft container (approx. 12 m) can hold two cars of average size or even three very compact cars.

Cars transported in containers must be securely fastened in the containers to avoid damages in case the weather gets rough during the transport on the boat . The fastening services are an extra charge and is generally not included in the freight rates you might receive!

Containerfreight is safe and perhaps the best way to ship a car. The container will be loaded, locked and sealed in Germany and will not be opend until it reached its destination.









2. - Roll on/Roll off Shipment:
Worldwide most of the cars are shipped on so called Ro/Ro vessels which function just like ferry boats.

These are special ships that were solely built to transport cars and no passengers. Each has a capacity of thousands of cars which are driven on and off board. That means somebody of the crew or harbor workers are driving the cars on and off the boat. These shipping lines are specialized in this kind of transport and normally no problems or dents occur. Ro/Ro shipment is the cheapest way to ship a car. Some ports are not equipped with ramps to unload such car carrier vessels. Ro/Ro shipment is not available for every destination!

For a detailed quote on the costs for transporting your specific car, please contact me by email, indicating the make and model of your desired car, and that you would like to receive a quote on the transportation costs:

 If you want a shipping rate for a van, a truck or a machine you need to submit the measurement and weight.


Antwerp, Belgium, Mach 2007, pics cortesy of

If your car cruises around the world over rough oceans, you better have it insured!

Marine insurance:
This is a freight insurance. Your car can be insured for the duration of the transport. I always recommend this to my clients. A container can fall down during loading or something can happen on board. . .

A ”full cover” marine insurance cost approx. 1 % of the cars value. The ”full cover” is the best you can get, but it does not cover scratches or minor dents, rust or oxidation damages. My advice is to alway ask what kind of damages are covered.

For Ro/Ro shipment most insurance companies do not offer the ”full cover” insurance. They offer ”stranding cover” only. This is also called ”total loss” insurance. Always ask what kind of damages are covered.



 Antwerp, Belgium, Mach 2007, pics cortesy of


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